David Myles – Fredericton, NB

My first time meeting Fredericton, New Brunswick’s David Myles was the first time I had a latte at Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Trident Booksellers & Cafe.  Both experiences were tall, warm and left me wanting more (true story).  I love a good latte and The Trident does that for sure and I loved chatting with David Myles.  As engaging as his music – the award winning singer songwriter took a break from the studio to chat about his Halifax hub, his hometown favourites, the East Coast Music Scene and more...SABS


Shot on Location in:

The Trident Booksellers & Cafe Halifax, NS


Visual courtesy:

Performance: “Give You Up” – 2009 ECMA’s www.ecma.com

Fredericton, NB: webcam stills http://www.fred-ezone.ca/webcams/

New Brunswick mentions...

Miramichi River Tubing, Route 118 Hwy Doyles Brook  Call 506-622-3756

Paradise Imports, Fredericton, NB  Call 506-455-1711

The Blue Door Restaurant & Bar, Fredericton, NB visit: www.thebluedoor.ca

The Cabin Restaurant, Fredericton, NB   Call 506-459-0094

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