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SABStv Entertainment Round Up

Our Season 2 finale includes the latest on East Coast TV, film, radio, music, events & more. Guests Steve Patterson, Stephanie Domet, Bette MacDonald & Jonathan Torrens. Free stuff too!!!

HAVEN ‘Hood Update

Just days away from the Season 5 premiere of HAVEN and we couldn't be more excited. Our update from the 'hood on the premiere, the production schedule and big event you won't want to miss...

UPDATE from the HAVEN 'hood Sept 8, 2014

DOYLE CREW Who’s Who – Micah Martin

It's our NEW & EXCLUSIVE feature here on Sea and be Scene - profiling the amazing folks behind the scenes of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE - continuing with a fella who's had a 'grip' on the REPUBLIC since season 4.....

doyle crew who's who Micah Martin

Easy Does It this Summer

Easy Does It this Summer

Summer is the last season you want to spend cooped up in the kitchen - so we've dedicated our food & dining section to an "easy does it" to approach to meal preparation. From simply spectacular and simple to make & take desserts to oh so yummy orange and mint grilled shrimp.

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