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HEATHER RANKIN “Titanically”

"Titanically" is told from the perspective of the violin yearning to be returned to the man who loved and played it. It is the first music video directed by acclaimed filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald, and it is an exploration of the immortality of music, of the musician's spirit and of the enduring stories surrounding the Titanic

Introducing FIN (AFF’s New Name & Brand)

Today marks an exciting milestone in the evolution of the Atlantic Film Festival as the organization officially announces its new name and brand, FIN. Here's the full scoop...

#SABS7 – 7th HEAVEN Birthday Presents

As we gear up to our #SABS7 - 7th Heaven Contest we're gathering gifts from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. If you make, craft, create or sell something you think would make a perfect 7th Heaven Birthday Present - we'd be pleased to place it in our celebratory spotlight - including feature post and MORE!

SABStv PURE On Set Special

SABStv PURE On Set Special

Join SEA AND BE SCENE TV host Stephanie Beaumont as she visits the Windsor, Nova Scotia set of the new CBC dramatic series PURE. Guests include Ryan Robbins, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Rosie Perez, AJ Buckley, Dylan Taylor & MORE. Plenty of PURE scoop and TV Free Stuff too! Get to viewing & ENJOY!

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